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September – Showcase of Products & Services

Sushi Stools
This unusual project, has turned out really well, and the customer is very happy with the finished product. Delivered on time and on Budget.

Material = Mild steel , the seat pan is made from 3mm mild steel which has been laser cut to perfection, ready to take the Mild

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Sheet Metal Replication, Reproduction and Redesign

St. Ann’s Sheet Metal have long specialised in reproduction of existing products, especially where potential customers do not have existing drawings or CAD files. One of our customers has seen first-hand the application of these skills in the creation of their product.
When they first came to St. Ann’s Sheet Metal,

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Sheet Metal Heating & Lighting Developments

Sheet Metal Heating & Lighting Developments
We are often asked to create a replication of a product, or a design similar to it, in this instance it was for a sheet Metal Heating unit. Creating products similar to existing designs is a service we provide to all industries and can be

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May – Showcase of Products & Services

Quality Inspections
Another laser cutting inspection underway at Saint Anns. Full inspections are carried out at every stage producing customer’s products and components. This job is now receiving an inspection before moving on to its next stage, CNC bending.

Brass Cutting & Bending
This 0.7 bright polish brass with vinyl coating is just

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Parts Washer – Complete Fabrication

Parts Washer the Background
For some time now, one of our many valued customers has been working with us using our laser cutting and bending facilities for the sheet metal components of a Parts Washer. Over this period, we have been consistently working alongside them providing valuable design assistance which has enabled

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Design Improvements in Sheet Metal

Design Improvements  (Sheet Metal)– Hexagonal Heater Casing
We caught up with Graham Gee, St Ann’s Sheet Metals’ Project Development Engineer, on a recent visit, and he showed us one of his latest Design Improvements he has been involved in. The customer is extremely happy with this re-design, and so are we,

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Oil Collection Container Design Improvements

Oil Collection Container Improvements
We recently worked with a customer to design an oil collection container from stainless steel for measuring used oil in a central chamber. The principle is that they will collect the oil, clean it and use it as bio-fuel.

They brought a model of the proposed shape. It

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New Nitrogen Generator & Air Compressor

New Cutting Edge Nitrogen Generator & Air Compressor
We recently met with Dan @ Severn Machines – to discuss the ‘ins and outs’ of our latest investment (nitrogen Generator)

Our brand new on-site Nitrogen gas generator – designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification – allows us

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BSI Product Inspections: A Unique Service

In in order to maximise the quality of work at every stage of the cutting, bending, punching, welding, or fabricating process St Anns Sheet Metal have introduced a fiercely demanding system of product inspections at every stage of the project development.

This means acquiring the highest quality product for the customer and

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Top Tips in a Thriving Global Market

We regularly use machines under automatic control (computerized numerical control) for sheet metal production. These processes have been developed and enhanced for many years and industry standards are in continuous growth. It is now said that after two years of contraction and flat trends, economists are now announcing positive economic growth in the sheet metal industry across the globe.

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