Top 5 Benefits of Laser Cutting

Benefits of Laser Cutting in Sheet Metal Fabrication – five reasons it will benefit you

Laser cutting in sheet metal fabrication is a novel procedure in manufacturing which excludes the need for machining on a number of engineering jobs, thereby saving you money on manufacturing projects. Before now, traditional cutting methods such as flame and mechanical cutting, water-jet cutting, as well as plasma cutting were used. But thanks to technological advancements, such archaic methods can now be discarded.

With this new method, known as laser cutting, the metal cutting process can be accomplished without the need for the constant monitoring of the machine. This is possible as a result of the emission of a highly concentrated beam of photons which have been computerized to ensure cutting-edge precision in the cutting, fabrication, and design of metal sheets, as well as the two principal cutting gases – Nitrogen and Oxygen. Additional benefits of laser cutting in sheet metal fabrication include the following:

  1. Fast & Precise Setup Time

Laser cutting in sheet fabrication is a swift, reliable and efficient means. The only time-consuming process during the entire setup is during the machine programming and loading of metal sheet and other materials. The laser cutting system has very high processing speeds as well as contactless material processing, which makes the effects of material warping, typical with traditional cutting methods, a thing of the past.

  1. Does Not Require Hard Tools

The laser cutting process is an extremely lean manufacturing one, which eliminates, totally, the need for handling hard tools, tool change over, tools storage, tool sharpening, etc. It does not require the need for any hand tools, enabling you to cut more exact sizes and shapes at faster speeds when compared to the old cutting methods.

  1. Very Clean Cut Edges

Traditional cutting methods such as water-jet, flame, mechanical and plasma cutting methods pale in comparison to laser cutting when it comes to accuracy, precision, and edge quality. The main reason for such clean edges can be attributed to Nitrogen and Oxygen. Another reason is the steadiness of the laser beam which never wears throughout the entire cutting process. Due to the concentration of the laser beam, lesser heat gets transmitted to the sheet metal, resulting in a narrow path of material being removed.

  1. Savings on Metal Scrap

Conventional cutting methods require at least a border of about half an inch during their cutting process because such cutting tools require material on both sides of the cut. With laser cutting, however, a single cut can be used to cut parts which share a common cutting line, thereby reducing waste of material and scrap production. The laser cutting process can further save more metal scrap when techniques such as lead-ins, tabbing, lead-outs and nesting are used.

  1. Computer Programmed

The lasers used in the laser cutting process are programmed via computer, thereby adding to the consistency as well as the design versatility of the cuts. Due to the fact that it is computer programmed, there is little to no margin for error as well. Also, because the process is computerized, you do not get to experience a lag during manufacturing because the lasers do not dull.

When you make use of Laser Cutting for your metal sheet fabrication, you stand to gain the benefits mentioned above and many more. When it comes to laser cutting sheet metal, St. Ann’s Sheet Metal provides outstanding workmanship and delivers quality service. Contact us to try it out today.

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