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BSI – ISO9001:2015 New Quality Standard Achieved

ISO 9001:2015 updated accreditation.

Over 20 Years of Quality Accreditation from BSI, we have now achieved new certification under the latest revision of ISO 9001:2015 after undergoing an independent audit of its Quality Management System, which is recognised as a global benchmark for quality

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September – Showcase of Products & Services

Sushi Stools
This unusual project, has turned out really well, and the customer is very happy with the finished product. Delivered on time and on Budget.

Material = Mild steel , the seat pan is made from 3mm mild steel which has been laser cut to perfection, ready to take the Mild

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Sheet Metal Improvements & Benefits Of Redesign

Sheet Metal Improvements
Again and Again, we have products that we make that have scope for Sheet Metal improvements, by reverse engineering a product. We have  repeatedly made this a reality  for our Customers and have developed and utilised new processes to enable them to become more cost efficient, Smarter sleek Designs, and

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May – Showcase of Products & Services

Quality Inspections
Another laser cutting inspection underway at Saint Anns. Full inspections are carried out at every stage producing customer’s products and components. This job is now receiving an inspection before moving on to its next stage, CNC bending.

Brass Cutting & Bending
This 0.7 bright polish brass with vinyl coating is just

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Hydrogen Generator Case Development

Hydrogen Generator Development Brief
This project was carried out in order to facilitate a client’s need for a safe, secure and effective housing unit which would contain a hydrogen generator for powering cars and other, larger motor vehicles; lorries or trucks, for example.

As an initial foray into the project, we developed

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Sheet Metal Research Case Study

How to Join Galvanised Sheeting Together With Great Strength!
Our Research and Development Team was approached by a customer who required a new means of fixing together galvanised sheeting.

With our experience of Research and Development they wanted us to guarantee an advanced, reliable solution without the need for awkward or difficult

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Design Improvements in Sheet Metal

Design Improvements  (Sheet Metal)– Hexagonal Heater Casing
We caught up with Graham Gee, St Ann’s Sheet Metals’ Project Development Engineer, on a recent visit, and he showed us one of his latest Design Improvements he has been involved in. The customer is extremely happy with this re-design, and so are we,

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Sheet Metal Sound Noise Barrier

Sound Noise Barrier installed  to reduce our noise distribution in our busy work environment
In order to once again increase the capacity on the site the team have been provided with a number of new work stations, its become noisier and this is why we needed to install sound noise barriers

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