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Parts Washer the Background

For some time now, one of our many valued customers has been working with us using our laser cutting and bending facilities for the sheet metal components of a Parts Washer. Over this period, we have been consistently working alongside them providing valuable design assistance which has enabled us to improve the fabrication of the units and created cost savings from the original design. The customer is now ready to order large quantities of this unit to cover their existing requirements, including supply to F1 teams and well known garage chains around the UK and the world. Their clients have found the units to be extremely user friendly and coupled with the exceptional washing chemicals provided by our customer, they expect substantial growth of their sales over the coming months.

Initially our team would produce the many different components required to make a parts washer unit, by laser cutting, folding and welding different materials including Stainless Steel and Mild Steel. The majority of these parts would then be sent to one of our quality approved powder coating partners and then collected by our customer to be assembled at their premises in Berkshire.

How we helped improve efficiency

In the interest of saving time, money and allowing our customer time away from assembly to increase their sales presence in the market, we discussed the possibility of St Ann’s assembling the units at our premises and dispatching direct to their clients. To enable this to happen we would undertake the full assembly of the units, including wiring, plumbing and quality testing.

In mid-October this year, this became a reality.

Now, not only do we fabricate and powder coat, we also completely assemble the finished unit including fitting the electrical control panels & internal lighting, fitting the sink and sump units, attaching the lid section, internal bracketry, logo plates and castors. Although this is not a service we would usually offer, the process has proved to be much simpler and more cost effective for our customer and has helped us to secure the business and enabled us to become their sole supplier going forward.

We now produce all of their Part washers including a smaller mobile unit, the standard workshop units and a similar but larger model. We are also assisting in the prototyping of two more different units which they will be adding to their range early next year.

How we controlled the Quality of the assembly process

To ensure the work we carried out was done to the same standard as previously produced, our skilled staff were fully trained in the assembly process by our customer and an inspection sheet was generated for each unit which ensures that the relevant quality checks are carried out at the right stage of assembly. Various checks are completed throughout the assembly process from mechanical operation of the unit, to electrical and water testing and then recorded on the inspection sheet to be supplied to the customer for their records.

We are proud to be able to boast great results on this service so far, and are very much looking forward to expanding on this work and helping our customer continue to grow in the future.

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