Pressbrakes – What’s the Angle? Find out more about our machines!

Pressbrakes? What are they?

Pressbrakes work due to the high ductility of metal, which means metal will always bend before it breaks. By using the steady force of the pressbrake a punch tool can be used to apply that pressure to a piece of sheet metal positioned on top of a die to produce the desired effect. They are commonly used in sheet metal engineering to bend sheet metal quickly and accurately. Once a machine is set it can replicate the same angles time and time again making them ideal for mass production of sheet metal components.

Here at Saint Anns we have a total of five pressbrakes, which gives us the ability to scale up production to meet the needs of our customers. Not only that but three of our pressbrakes operate electrotonically, which means they are significantly Greener than their traditional hydraulic counterparts!


CNC Bending
An example of the quality and quantity available with our pressbrakes

Electric Vs. Hydraulic? What's the difference?

You might be wondering what's the difference between Electric Pressbrakes and Hydraulic Pressbrakes. Well, as I alluded to earlier, the electric pressbrakes are significantly more energy efficient than a traditional hydraulic pressbrake. How much so? Well because a electric pressbrake only uses energy whilst in operation as it doesn't need to run any energy intensive pumps. That means an electric pressbrake can consume up to 30% less than a hydraulic pressbrake! Not only that but because they don't use hazardous hydraulic fluid it creates less harmful waste. As an extra added bonus they also run quieter!

But don't just believe us! take a look at what our suppliers at CoastOne say!


Along with our five pressbrakes, we also have lights out laser capacity. These coupled with our experienced welding bay means we can guarantee you the quality at quantities you need to succeed!

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