Sheet Metal Company choosing the right one – part 3

Sheet Metal Company

Choosing the right one Part 3 




Choosing the right sheet metal company is a vital part of your business success, in this article we will discuss 3 things (Delivery, Re shoring, BSI/ISO). We think you should consider these important factors while choosing the right Sheet Metal Company you work with

8  Delivery

Ensure that the Sheet Metal Company can deliver the products to you should you require them to.Do they have the relevant transport required to deliver the completed components to your required destination. Some Sheet Metal Companies use sub contract delivery companies, which can cause complications that can delay your Supply chain

Agree the date that you wish to receive your products. If there is to be several deliveries required then ensure and agree with the company these delivery dates.

9  ReshoringFlag_-_Union_Flag

The number of companies returning production from countries such as China is outstripping those moving output overseas. According to a survey of more than 500 small and medium-sized manufacturers. 

The study, by the government's Manufacturing Advisory Service, found 15% of companies were returning production, compared with only 4% that offshored in the past year. Its findings suggest that reshoring, also known as “onshoring”, has been modest in scale so far but may be gaining momentum. Especially due to recent events, such as Brexit, and the strengthening of the exchange rate

More than a quarter of respondents (26% said concern over the cost of offshore production was the principal reason for reshoring, followed by improving quality (20%) and reducing lead times (18%).

10  BSI / ISO

BSI also known as British Standards Institution was founded as the Engineering Standards Committee in 1901.

certificate bsi
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In 1988 it was revised and the organisation was able to diversify, acquiring other businesses the name then changed to BSI Group. 

In the year 2000 BSI ISO : 9001 changed drastically placing quality and process management at its core. The main aims are to understand the client's requirements before designing the processes that would enable a company to deliver to the satisfaction of the client ie: focusing on quality management as well as quality control. BSI ISO : 9001:2008 incorporated changes to make it more consistent with the environmental management system standard. 


In the 2015 ISO 9001:2015 sees the revised standard providing a stable core set of requirements for the following ten years or so. It reflects the changes in quality management system practices and technology since the 2000 revision. The Annex SL will be applied improving compatibility with other management system standards.



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