Sheet Metal Showcase Of Products Being Made March 2017

Fabrication Box Section Laser Cut

Why pay hours of labour to saw & drill box section? when you can Laser Cut it !! this big fabrication project we have been doing for years for one of our valued customers, our qualified Mig welder Lee has all jigs made and Box section ready in his bay for a fast turnaround. we operate five welding bays here at Saint Ann's for Mig , Tig & Aluminium Welding. ( only 1 of 3 pallets of laser cut box section featured ! 🙂

box section

Bending 1.2mm Zintec Parts

Today on our 2.5mtr Press we are bending 1.2mm Zintec parts for one of our customers , we operate five press breaks here at saint Ann's to keep up with customers demands and also to keep up with the amount of work from our Fibre Laser & Punch machines, known has "flat sheet to Finish product " as we do everything in house ! 


Bending Sheet Metal

Fibre Laser Cut & Bend Formed Brackets

Here we have 4.0mm Mild Steel , Fibre Laser Cut & Bent Formed Brackets for one of our customers that call off in 1000x + quantities of each part every month! we the carry stock FOC in 1000 x qty's to give our said customer a 2 day lead time!! Saint Ann's sheet metal pulling out all the stops again!  🙂


Bent Formed Brackets


Did you Know we also Punch?? We aim to have this running on both the days & Afters Shift that we operate here at Saint Ann's Sheet Metal. This machine is just the tool for dimpling , knock outs , louvering and is also perfect for general cutting , as we carry a wide range of tooling from stock for our customers’ requirements, we manufacture everything in house. 

Punching Sheet Metal

Automatic feeding Fibre Laser Cutting


I Have been in the sheet metal industry many years now! And it always amazes me when our Automatic  Fibre Laser is loaded the night before on our afters shift with 2 Tonne of Pre-Galvanised steel for one of our customers .It runs all night while we are all asleep in our warm beds, when we come back to work the next day its all cut and ready for the next operations .. this makes us one of the Best company's out there to work with.

Fibre Laser Cutting Automatic Feeding

Flat Screen TV Security Frames

In our fabrication shop today are these flat screen t.v security frames manufactured from 304 2B Stainless steel! They are Fibre Laser Cut then Bend Formed, Hank bush inserted & fully Tig welded then acid cleaned for perfect finish! We have been making these for our customer for over 8 years ! which means & says a lot about our relationship with customers and also how great our workmanship is . Would you like us to help you ? 

304 2B Stainless steel Tv Security Frames

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