CNC Punch – Helping Your Businesses Supply Chain Score A Knockout!

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If you’ve read our previous article about laser cutting, you might be forgiven for thinking that CNC Punch Machines are all in the past. But for when you want a lot of parts cut with speed and consistency, there’s just no beating the CNC Punch! The punch can produce a consistent result quickly and accurately. … Read more

May – Showcase of Products & Services

Quality Inspections Another laser cutting inspection underway at Saint Anns. Full inspections are carried out at every stage producing customer’s products and components. This job is now receiving an inspection before moving on to its next stage, CNC bending. Brass Cutting & Bending This 0.7 bright polish brass with vinyl coating is just ready to … Read more

CNC Punching Operator Interview


 A Interview with CNC Punching Operator (Paul Butler) How long have you been with Saint Ann’s Sheet Metal ? I am in my 9th year now. There was a job advertised. I rang Terry up and said I can work that CNC punching machine like the back of my hand. After an interview I was … Read more

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