Aluminium Welding

Aluminium Welding

Aluminium is a popular choice for fabrication, because of the following properties:

  • Low density together with high strength,
  • Corrosion resistant even without surface protection,
  • Welding or joined using common processes,
  • Highly processable and malleable,
  • Recyclable

Welding Processess

Aluminium Welding can be performed using the TIG or MIG welding processes. Although Mig welding is the most popular of the arc welding processes, welding aluminium using this process and achieving a quality finish can be difficult.

The biggest problem in welding aluminium and its alloys is the high melting temperature of the aluminium oxide which has to be destroyed mechanically or thermally during welding to get sufficient joining.

Filler Materials

Depending on the specific welding technique and material combination, the application of filler material may not be necessary. If filler is utilised it is important to select the proper composition.

MIG Welding

Pure Argon welding gas is only used with a Mig Welder for Welding Aluminium. Welding Aluminium with a Mig Welder is very difficult and is only recommended for the more experienced Mig Welder operator.

TIG Welding

Between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece an arc is formed, fusing material and the filler. TIG welding with an alternating current is more commonly used.

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