Welding Sheet Metal

Welding Sheet Metal

Welding is a commonly used metal fabrication process that joins pieces of materials together.
The weld, is achieved by partially melting the work pieces at a chosen point, sometimes adding a filler material, to form a pool of molten material that cools, solidifies and becomes a joint.

Types of Welding processes we offer include:Welding Sheet Metal

Materials – Strength – Finish

There are many aspects that affect the welding process. The metals chosen may determine a type of welding simply because of its surface reflectivity.
The strength required from a join because of loads and its expected durability.
Then there is the finish aspect, certain welds are unsuitable for fine work due to any leftover effects.

Established since 1960, The Saint Anns Sheet Metal Company Limited Company, are a technologically advanced engineering company, specialising in the manufacture of sheet-metal machined products.
Our reputation as a quality orientated sheet metal company in materials, workmanship and customer support is recognised by an ISO 9001 accreditation.

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