25 Years of Leadership at SASM!

A Very Happy 25 Years of David Bloomer!

Running a successful business is no easy feat, and it takes a unique blend of passion, dedication, and leadership to achieve sustained success. At Saint Anns Sheet Metal Company Limited, we have been fortunate to have an owner who possesses all of these qualities and more. David Bloomer has been at the helm of our company for 25 years, and his leadership and vision have been instrumental in our growth and success.

One of the key drivers behind David's success has been his passion for giving staff opportunities to grow and develop in their careers. He believes that every employee has the potential to contribute to the success of the company, and has always made it a priority to identify and nurture talent within the organization.

In addition to providing training and development opportunities, David has also been known to promote employees based on their attitude and work ethic, rather than solely on their qualifications or experience. This approach has created a workplace culture where hard work and dedication are recognized and rewarded, and staff members are given opportunities to progress in their careers.

Dave Happy
Dave enjoying himself in the garden!

A Unique Personality at the Helm

Another aspect of David's leadership that has contributed to the success of the company is his warm and friendly personality. He is known for his approachable nature and willingness to listen to staff members' concerns and ideas. This has created an environment where communication flows freely, and staff members feel valued and appreciated.

Moreover, David's unique personality has been instrumental in the company's ability to embrace change and innovation. He is not afraid to take risks or try new approaches, and is always looking for ways to improve and evolve the business. This forward-thinking mentality has helped the company stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing industry.

As the company celebrates 25th anniversary of David taking the reins, staff members are unanimous in their respect and admiration for him. He is a leader who is both respected and cared for by staff members, creating a workplace culture that is both productive and enjoyable.


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A Bright Future Ahead!

Looking to the future, David is excited about the company's prospects and is committed to continuing to invest in its people and technology. He believes that by staying true to the values that have driven the company's success over the last 25 years - including a commitment to staff welfare, a focus on innovation, and a dedication to providing exceptional quality and service - the company will be well-positioned to thrive in an ever-changing industry.

In conclusion, David's passion for giving staff opportunities, his unique personality, and his ability to embrace change and innovation have been instrumental in the success of SASM over the last 25 years. Staff members appreciate his commitment to their welfare and the opportunities they are given to progress in their careers. As the company looks to the future, we are excited to see what David and the team will achieve in the years to come.

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