Improving The Way We Work – Our Kiosk System

Our Kiosk System

With costs on the increase and the resulting squeeze on budgets, it's more important than ever that we're ensuring we're offering the best possible value for our customers. To help us with this we've been working with our ERP partners, Mie Trak, to roll out their new Kiosk system on our shop floor. We're very excited to use this system as it will provide a much stronger link between our office and the shop floor, giving us a greater competitive edge.

The information gathered from the kiosk system will allow us to accurately quote our customers work, by giving us an accurate time (and thus cost) for work being completed. It will also allow us to identify areas of improvement, such as bottle necks in production or inaccurate timing estimates in quoting which we can then work to resolve.

We hope that this will result in a more efficient overall customer experience, from sales to delivery!

How Does Our Kiosk System Work?

The way our system works is simple really!

When a job is moved onto the shop floor it's given a job number. As the job moves around the floor, each operator logs onto the job with their unique ID to let us know they've started working on it and logs off when it is completed. This will provide the office with an accurate time for how long the job took which can be taken into account when our customers reorder that job or jobs that involve similar materials and processes.

The information gathered by Kiosk is then analysed by our talented Pricing Analyst who provides an accurate assessment of how we've done and where our work could've been improved. For instance if a material requires a difficult bend but the material itself was harder to work than anticipated by our sales staff and thus took longer to bend than had been quoted for, this could be highlighted as an area of improvement with the improvement being to allow for more time for the job to be completed.

Our hopes is that this system will help St. Anns deliver a more efficient and cost effective service for our customers!

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