Materials – Mild Steel

Materials – Mild Steel

Our reputation of Mild Steel sheet metal cutting using our state of the art laser cutting or cnc punching machines is based on our versatility and professional service.

Mild steel is often referred to as ‘carbon steel’ or ‘plain carbon steel’. Mild steels should have no more than 2% carbon and no other appreciable alloying element. Much of the steel produced in industry is mild steel and it is used in a wide range of applications.
Advantages of mild steel:

  • Low cost
  • Wide variety available with different properties
  • High stiffness
  • Magnetic
  • Most mild steels are easy to machine and weld

Typically, mind steel is stiff and strong. It is also magnetic (ferromagnetism) which means they are extensively used in motors and electrical appliances.

Although with more than 0.3% carbon requires special precautions when welding, mild steel presents far fewer problems than welding stainless steels. However because it has a poor corrosion resistance and is prone to rusting, it shouldn’t be used in a corrosive environment without some kind of protective coating.

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