Materials – Galvanized Steel

Materials – Galvanized Steel

Our reputation of Galvanized Steel sheet metal cutting using our state of the art laser cutting or cnc punching machines is based on our versatility and professional service.

Galvanized steel is steel that has a zinc protective coating applied to the surface area of the steel. The level of corrosive resistance provided depends on the weight of the galvanized coating (i.e. G30, G60, G90).

Advantages of galvanized steel:

  • Exhibits greater corrosion resistance than other metals
  • Special surface coatings can be added if required to protect the galvanizing, give increased durability or for cosmetic appearance

Galvanized steel used in the construction industry is manufactured by a hot dip process in accordance with BS 729. The process deposits a minimum weight of zinc of 610 gms / m2 equal to 85 microns thickness on each face of the steel. The thickness of zinc may be increased to 140 microns or more by the use of special steels or by blast cleaning the steel prior to galvanizing.

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