CNC Punching Sheet Metal

CNC Punching Sheet Metal

Despite the numerous advantages of laser profiling, it is not always the most appropriate or cost-effective method of producing a sheet metal flat pattern. After over 50 years in the industry we feel certain that CNC punching offers a viable and often cheaper alternative to laser cutting in areas such as:-

  • Cutting pre-coated materials such as plastisol and leather grain materials.
  • Forming of dimples, louvres and other raised profiles.
  • Punching a high volume of holes, slots into material. There is also the possibility of using a multi-tool format that allows numerous profiles to be produced with each individual hit.

CNC Punching production benefits from a lower capital cost than lasers, and also lack the need for cutting gases that are required in the laser cutting process. CNC punching therefore is often charged out at a lower hourly rate allowing for cheaper piece part prices.

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Our setting and operation CNC Punching expert Paul Butler  has 20 years’ experience operating the CNC punching machine

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What is CNC Punching Sheet Metal


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