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Category: sheet metal fabrication

Top 5 Benefits of Laser Cutting

Benefits of Laser Cutting in Sheet Metal Fabrication – five reasons it will benefit you Laser cutting in sheet metal fabrication is a novel procedure in manufacturing which excludes the need for machining on a number of engineering jobs, thereby saving you money on manufacturing projects. Before now, traditional cutting methods such as flame and […]

30 Years Dedicated Service Award

Graham Gee Has worked for Saint Ann’s Sheet Metal for 30 years , and we thought we would give him a little surprise. Graham Knew nothing about this until Richard Atkin (General Manager) awarded him with the award in the Canteen Area. I think he was a little surprised to say the least. The Saint […]

Sheet Metal Replication, Reproduction and Redesign

Reproduction cabinet

St. Ann’s Sheet Metal have long specialised in reproduction of existing products, especially where potential customers do not have existing drawings or CAD files. One of our customers has seen first-hand the application of these skills in the creation of their product. Reproduction When they first came to St. Ann’s Sheet Metal, the project entailed […]

May – Showcase of Products & Services

Quality Inspections Another laser cutting inspection underway at Saint Anns. Full inspections are carried out at every stage producing customer’s products and components. This job is now receiving an inspection before moving on to its next stage, CNC bending. Brass Cutting & Bending This 0.7 bright polish brass with vinyl coating is just ready to […]

Hydrogen Generator Case Development

Hydrogen Generator Development Brief This project was carried out in order to facilitate a client’s need for a safe, secure and effective housing unit which would contain a hydrogen generator for powering cars and other, larger motor vehicles; lorries or trucks, for example. As an initial foray into the project, we developed a very basic […]

Sheet Metal Research Case Study

Clinching Metal Close Up Saint Anns

How to Join Galvanised Sheeting Together With Great Strength! Our Research and Development Team was approached by a customer who required a new means of fixing together galvanised sheeting. With our experience of Research and Development they wanted us to guarantee an advanced, reliable solution without the need for awkward or difficult welding procedures, which […]

Parts Washer – Complete Fabrication

Wayne Parts Washer

Parts Washer the Background For some time now, one of our many valued customers has been working with us using our laser cutting and bending facilities for the sheet metal components of a Parts Washer. Over this period, we have been consistently working alongside them providing valuable design assistance which has enabled us to improve the […]

Sheet Metal Company choosing the right one – part 3

Choosing the right one Part 3    Choosing the right sheet metal company is a vital part of your business success, in this article we will discuss 3 things (Delivery, Re shoring, BSI/ISO). We think you should consider these important factors while choosing the right Sheet Metal Company you work with8  DeliveryEnsure that the Sheet Metal Company […]

Sheet Metal Companies choosing the right one – part 2

Sheet Metal Companieschoosing the right one Part 2 (part 1 available here), is vital part of your business success, in this article we will discuss 3 things (Cost, Reliability/Integrity, Outsourced Requirements). We think you should consider these important factors while choosing the Sheet Metal Companies you work with5 CostWe all want the best job done for […]

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