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LED Lighting Sheet Metal Developments

LED Lighting Sheet Metal Developments Led hydroponic sheet metal

We have been working closely with a  manufacturer of  LED lighting for the specialised hydroponic market who were wanting to achieve a cheaper method, more reliable method of production without changing the design of the product itself. Led Lighting Supply Chain Problems They were previously having there Products made outside of the UK, and were experiencing […]

Hydroponic LED lighting grow lamps

Hydroponic LED lighting grow lamps led hydroponic sheet metal

At Saint Ann’s sheet metal we have many years experience at  supplying LED /Emergency Lighting  and more recently Hydroponic LED Grow lamps. Hydroponic lighting has long been associated with  growing cannabis for illegal reasons. However in today’s competitive growing market, Led/ Emergency /Hydroponic grow lights are used in a array of different markets.Agricultural Crop growing in colder climatesDomestic LightingIndustrial lightingEmergency lightingWith […]

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