Paint line – An Update on Our Progress So Far!

Paint Line Progress So Far

Some of our readers might already be aware that St. Anns has been in the process of installing a new powder coating service. This has been part of our push to offer more for our valued customers. The paint line is being installed in the unit next door to our main factory in Arnold, Nottingham. Previously this unit had been used as an overflow for the factory and had previously been used to hold stock before shipping it to our customers.

After examining what would be best for our customers and St. Anns, we came to the realisation that a lot of our customers were requesting that their products be powder coated. A service we had previously been subcontracting to third parties. By subcontracting the work out, we were in essence adding onto our customers lead times and the overall costs of meeting our customers needs.

Whilst we'll still be working with our third party partners on lot of work, St. Anns made the decision to put our customers needs first and install a brand new service.

What's to come with the Paint Line.

With the background out of the way, I'm happy to report that with the water, gas and electricity now in we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We have hired on some fantastic new team members with a wealth of experience. And we've equipped them with the best possible equipment in the form of our top of the line GEMA Gun.

All that's left for us to do, is to finish off a few bits and bobs, ensure that our fantastic team are prepped and ready and to decorate the space. Now that we're in the final stretch, we'll be keeping you all up to date with that via our social media channels.

Paint Line Install
A shot of some of the progress we've made with the installation of our Paint Line

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Not Long Now?

As mentioned in the above paragraph, there's still a lot of work that needs to be done. But we're pleased to say that we're hoping to be in a position to start meeting our customers powder coating needs by the start of August.

There's still a lot that needs to be done though, so we can't commit to a solid date at this time but please keep an eye on this space! We'll keep you all up to date as needed.

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