LED Lighting Sheet Metal Developments

We have been working closely with a  manufacturer of  LED lighting for the specialised hydroponic market who were wanting to achieve a cheaper method, more reliable method of production without changing the design of the product itself.

Led Lighting Supply Chain Problems

They were previously having there Products made outside of the UK, and were experiencing huge Quality concerns, which were impacting on the supply chain to their customers.  They needed a reliable, quality orientated supply partner who could supply them reliably and diligently, this is why they approached us.

Flaws had been identified with the previous method of manufacture that was being used. It was found that manufacturing the product was extremely time consuming and inefficient, as well as being of poor quality and unreliable, and had failed them many times.

LED Lighting re Engineering Solutions

Saint Ann’s Team sought to develop a unique solution that would enable each of these faults to be rectified, thus creating an advanced production method.
There were a number of technical problems encountered requiring ongoing and extensive experimentation and re validation, with a number of tools and shapes which would allow for a new method of forming metals into the required joggle bending shapes in the sheet metal.LED LIGHTING LID

Previously, this was being achieved using a nibbling tool, a tool typically used for cutting sheet metal with minimal distortion, but was not accurate enough and not automatically repeatable.  We wanted to create a one solution hit, in order to ensure that considerable savings were made in both time,money and vast improvements in Quality.


In order to ensure that the technical requirements were met, we trailed multiple samples and prototypes, experimenting with multiple tooling forms, and positions, to determine the most effective positioning. This allowed us to project the minimum stretch and shrinkage of sheet metal forms achievable.

Due to the bespoke nature of the production, the development of unique tooling was the main focus of the project. It became apparent following dishing of the simple forms that insight would need to be gained regarding the movement of the structure of the steel when stretched and this was eventually achieved as a result of the continual prototyping, testing and modifications.


The project has resulted in considerable improvements being made to an existing process through ongoing trials and the development of customised tooling, and using new methods of Manufacture. This product is now in full production and has proved to be very successful, our Customer now can rely on the supply of Quality Products on Time, at the right price, with no delays.

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